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Children’s Dentistry

A healthy child is a happy child! Teeth are a very important part of your child’s health. Too many sweets, chocolates, and sugary drinks can cause tooth decay.

Prevention is always better than cure. We like to teach children how important it is to look after their teeth. Our dentists are children-friendly and can help put them at ease whilst they carry out a dental examination.

We all remember our first visit to the dentist when we were young. For some, it was a good experience and for others it was a nightmare. Rest assured our dentists want your child’s memory of the dentist to be enjoyable and a good memory.

We also actively help remove any fears your child may have about visiting the dentist to help make any future visits enjoyable.

Children’s Dentist

Our children’s dentist offers a full dental examination and can help identify any problems early on. They will talk to your child about:

  • Brushing their teeth properly
  • How to care for their gums
  • Healthy things they can eat
  • Any tooth pain they may be experiencing
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    ```COVID-19 Emergency Protocol```


    Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been advised to temporarily vacate our premises.

    We have contingency plans in place for our patients and two of our buddy/sister (practices both within 1 mile of our location) will be seeing our emergency patients.

    Therefore, from 24th March 2020 we will now only be assessing emergency patients through our telephone triage service. If you are an existing patient and your emergency qualifies then you will be seen at our local buddy/sister practices.

    We apologise for any inconvenience and are grateful for your patience in this very difficult time.

    Many thanks.

    Wishing you all the very best of health. Stay safe.

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