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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening has become increasingly common. We all want perfectly white teeth. So why not make it a reality? A white smile can be life changing – so it’s time to brighten your smile.

Treatment methods have greatly changed and the procedure is less invasive than before. We use the latest technology in teeth whitening systems, so they are safe and do not affect or harm your teeth.

We provide 3 types of teeth whitening at our London practice, all which have different benefits and suit every person.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom is the world’s most popular tooth whitening system. This was designed by Philips so you can rest assured it’s a brand you can trust. Zoom provides the brightest, whitest smile in just 1 hour in the dentist’s chair.

Zoom utilises a special LED lamp that accelerates the teeth whitening procedure by activating the whitening gels, giving irresistible results in just 1 hour. Over 10 Million people have used and loved Zoom Teeth Whitening, including many celebrities. Join them today!

Enlighten Smiles

Enlighten is our top-of-the-range whitening system. It is the only system that guarantees your teeth reach the most natural-looking shade of white, B1.

Enlighten works by the combination of a take-home whitening kit and an intense in-surgery whitening session which provides the best results. The whole treatment from start to finish takes just over 2 weeks – but the wait is well worth it.

The treatment involves getting impressions taken for custom enlighten whitening trays which maximises the area covered by the gel by holding it against your teeth. You can use these trays to maintain your white smile in the future. Enlighten is an investment well worth making.