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Dentures Treatment Edinburgh

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide dentures to patients that allow them to feel as if they have never lost their teeth. Our aim is to create natural looking dentures to mimic patient’s original smile and profile.

A full denture would be suitable for patients who have lost all their natural teeth, and can be made for the upper and lower jaw or both; providing a full set of Dentures.teeth. We will ensure that you leave us at the end of your treatment with a set of dentures that fit and suction securely to your gums, and are comfortable to wear all day.

A partial denture is recommended for patients who have some of their natural teeth left that can act as anchors for the denture. This can be provided for the upper and lower jaw. The denture is fitted onto natural teeth using clips to fills the gaps.

The last type we provide are called immediate dentures. These are temporary dentures that are provided to patients who need to have teeth removed before starting the process. This saves patients from having gaps in their teeth whilst waiting on their long term dentures being created at the lab.

To ensure that you and your dentist are fully happy with the everything about your denture; from picking and choosing the material, the shade and style of teeth and gum to making sure that the denture fits securely and comfortably; we tell patients that the process takes around 4-6 weeks.

Dear patients,


```COVID-19 Emergency Protocol```


Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been advised to temporarily vacate our premises.

We have contingency plans in place for our patients and two of our buddy/sister (practices both within 1 mile of our location) will be seeing our emergency patients.

Therefore, from 24th March 2020 we will now only be assessing emergency patients through our telephone triage service. If you are an existing patient and your emergency qualifies then you will be seen at our local buddy/sister practices.

We apologise for any inconvenience and are grateful for your patience in this very difficult time.

Many thanks.

Wishing you all the very best of health. Stay safe.

The Vitality Family